Olympics: Utah businessman offers cash donations to U.S., Iran wrestling winners

Khosrow Semnani was never a wrestler, but when he discovered his favorite sport’s future at the Olympics was pinned against the mat, the Utah businessman helped turn a dire situation into a victory.

Now Semnani is head to Brazil, knowing that wrestling’s future at the Olympics is again secure — and ready to help reward its victors in another way.

Semnani, an Iranian-born businessman and philanthropist, has pledged cash donations to American and Iranian wrestlers and their coaches for winning a medal.

USA Wrestling pays out bonuses of $250,000 for a gold-medal winner, $50,000 for a silver-medal winner and $25,000 for a bronze-medal winner. The Semnani Foundation has pledged to contribute to that fund in the amount of $20,000 for winners of gold, $10,000 for silver and $5,000 for bronze.

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